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PACT Adoption Support

PACT’s Adoption Support website is dedicated to providing online support, learning opportunities and information for both adopters and professionals working with adoptive families.

PACT is rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted and has been building and strengthening families since 1911. As a result of our many years of experience supporting adopters, we understand how important it is to ensure adopters get the right support at a time that works for them.

This website has been developed as a result of listening to adopters and working with them to develop accessible tools to empower adopters to access the support they need. 

Our trained Adopter Peer Supporters are “experts by experience” and able to provide a listening ear through our one-to-one live webchat service. Sometimes hearing from someone who has experienced a similar situation to us is all we need to help guide us through.

We have also worked with various specialists to inform and develop other elements of the online support offering and are confident that adopters will be empowered to access support through our dedicated online platform.

The universal suite of support tools includes:

  • One-to-one live webchat - online peer support 
  • Our specially developed Introduction to Attachment 12 module eLearning course
  • A programme of webinars with topics selected by adopters
  • Information and resources

The suite of tools for PACT adopters also includes a safe and secure online adopter forum accessible only to PACT adoptive families.

Annual subscription to PACT’s Adoption Support website and suite of tools:

The annual subscription enables you to access the various support tools available. Once you have subscribed you can access the eLearning tools as many times as you like and will also be able to receive access to new courses as they become available. You can do the same for the webinars and also use the webchat sessions as and when you need them.

If you are a Local Authority or Voluntary Adoption Agency and you would like to subscribe for your adopters, get in touch here.



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